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Oct. 15, 2001
Material Listing on MatWeb

Our material - Sumidurez and Chang Chun Longlite phenolic molding had been posted onto the website of MatWeb

For detail specifications, please go to and type in " DOWELL " in the Quick Search by keyword box and click Find. You will find all the material supply by Dowell Trading Co. Ltd. 
Aug, 17, 2001
Material with CTI = 600V

To meet the high requirement of electronic industry, many product requires CTI = 600V. There are two material in Dowell can meet this requirement: Chang Chun Melamine Phenol molding compound MP185J and Sumitomo DAP AM113. They have UL CTI of 1.

These material is optimized for transformer bobbins. For more information, please contact us.
Jul. 19, 2001
Ammonia-Free Phenolic Molding Compound (PF) becomes the major material for Hi-Tech components.

Technology has driven the size of product become smaller, especially for electronic components. Electronic components and equipment often require smaller size transformer coil bobbins. Some transformer bobbins would be small enough to be SMT soldered on the circuit boards. Regular phenolic molding compound (2 stages) will release Ammonia which is hazardous and corrosive to the wire on the circuit and shortening the electronic component life. Ammonia-Free Phenolic Molding Compound is 1 stage material which does not emit Ammonia gas. Such characteristic is suitable for small or mini bobbins. 

Ammonia-free PF was initially widely used by Japanese company. And now with the increasing of demand on quality world wide, more bobbins and electronic manufacturers are using Ammonia-free PF as raw materials. 
Sumidurez and Chang Chun are producing Ammonia-free phenolic molding compound for the market.
May. 28, 2001

Glass Fiber reinforced PBT and Phenolic Molding Compound for Automotive Parts

Automotive parts supplier is looking for the replacement for metal material on automotive parts such as gear shift housing and gas pedal. Engineering plastic is becoming the popular material for such application. 

The replacement material such as thermosetting and thermoplastic molding compound must have high physical properties, flexural strength (~26,000psi or above), impact strength and heat resistance. The advantage of using plastic molding compounds is the corrosion resistance comparing with metal and longer life cycle fatigue. It can also be molded into new design which steel was unable to be assembled before. 
Among those engineering plastic are fiber reinforced PBT, fiber reinforced phenolic molding compound and fiber reinforced PP. Take Chang Chun PBT4130 (30% fiber reinforced) as example, it can withstand 200oC or above deflection temperature (ASTM D648). The flexural strength can be reached 30,000 psi (ASTM D790). It can resist all major chemical such as motor oil, gasoline, 30% sulphuric acid, Methane and Butane. etc. 

The parts include gear shift housing, gas pedles, alternator housing, dash boards, gear housing, solenoid, connectors etc.

Mar. 01, 2001
PBT Molding Compound gets new start in Dowell
Phenolic moulding compound has been always Dowell's major product and becoming very successful in the engineering plastic market in China. Our main suppliers include Chang Chun Petrochemical, Taiwan & Sumidurez, Singapore. 
Starting from Mar. 01, 2001, Dowell will start to market another engineering plastic - Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) moulding compound. And the manufacturer of PBT is Chang Chun Petrochemical Ltd. As due to the fact that PBT market is growing fast in China Market. 
Many China PBT users may be heard of G.E. Valox, BASF Ultradur, Toray, Du Pont Crastin and Celanex etc. While PBT from CCP* may seems new to PBT users. However, per CCP official, CCP PBT has variety grade which is equivalent to the world's major PBT brands**. Which means the quality satisfaction and improvement are guaranteed. And most of all, the price is reasonable - cost effective. 
Chang Chun PBT is made in  Taiwan. 
*Chang Chun Petrochemical Ltd.
**Refer to the PBT Reference Chart

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