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April. 15, 2002
Fast Prototype Service

When a new project is started, you have the design, CAD drawing and the deadline. A real prototype is definitely required for testing. Some of the prototype made by vendors are only for visual and the dimensional purpose. Those prototype cannot be use for actual assembly and testing in practical environment. 

Dowell's prototype service provides the actual product made by phenolic molding compound. The prototype is good for any type of testing and assembly. The service include the tooling making, injection production and fine adjustment. i.e. We make the actual tooling/mold, molding the parts using phenolic molding compound. The entire process will only require in around 20 working days. And the price is much lower than the actual production size tooling charge. Comparing with the 45 tooling days and 7 working days for mold testing for actual production.

If you have new design which requires phenolic molding service, come talk to us, we should provide you the full detail information for you. Our prototype service goal is to help customers to get their prototype as fast as possible with the lowest cost. 

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