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DUREZ and SUMIKON Phenolic Molding Compound

Sumidurez Singapore Pte Ltd. was a joint-venture plant by Durez, USA and Sumitomo, Japan. Recently, the plant along with Durez USA plants are 100% owned by Sumitomo Japan. The general and electrical purpose phenolic molding compound produced by Sumidurez Singapore are well known as Durez Phenolic Molding Compound. It has the same quality, specification as Durez USA molding compound. And it is also UL approved. 


General Purpose Grade


  • DUREZ111

  • DUREZ115

  • DUREZ118

  • Color: Black, Brown


Heat Resistant / Electrical Grade


  • DUREZ150 (CTI 190V)

  • DUREZ152 (CTI 190V)

  • DUREZ153 (CTI 225V)

  • DUREZ156 (CTI 180V)

  • Color: Black, Brown

Coffee Base Ring

Electrical Grill Base

SUMIKON PM Moulding Compound

DUREZ Medium - High Impact and Fiber Reinforced Phenolic Molding Compound
  • Glass Fiber reinforce phenolic molding compound
  • High flexural strength
  • High impact strength
  • High deflection temperature
  • DUREZ 31906, DUREZ 32245 etc.
  • Color: Black 




Molding conditions for Sumidurez Phenolic molding compound

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