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CCP PBT 3000 series

  • Fiber Glass Filled (15% - 30%)

  • UL94 HB Flammability

  • Automotive accessories, motor cover, motor brush etc.

  • Fiber optics cable cover



CCP PBT 4000 Series 

  • Fiber Glass Filled (15% - 30%) 

  • UL94 V-0 Flammability

  • Connectors, cooler fan, plugs, bobbins, switches, TV set accessories, commutators.

  • Automotive accessories, dash boards.

  • Fiber optics cable cover

CCP PBT 2000 Series

  • Non-Fiber Glass filled

  • UL94 V-0 Flammability

  • Automotive Accessories


CCP PBT 1000 Series
  • Pure PBT Resin
  • Fiber Optic Cable Coating
  • Produce molding compound
PBT Reference Chart

In order to let you have clear picture of CCP's PBT capability, you can go to the PBT Reference Chart with other manufacturers in the world for reference.


What is PBT molding compound?
Thermoplastic injection molding factory providing PBT injection molding service.
Molding Conditions for PBT
Enviromental & Health Safety Issue: All CCP PBT DO NOT use the flame retardants containing PBDE and PBB.
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