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HS Number 
Harmonized System Number or Schedule B number
HS Code/Number is the unique number to classify individual product. It's been widely used by the Customs Authorities around the world. With HS Code, importers or exporters, manufacturers would be able to categorize their products in order to perform the declarations, calculating tariff etc.
In this section, we will only introduce the HS number for Phenolic Molding Compound and PBT HS number. For other products HS number, you can go to the bottom of this page, and click on the links to the official webpage of your country to find out.
Phenolic Molding Compound
HS Number: 3909.40xx.

The "x" represents specific digits that should be used in particular country.

People Republic of China: 3909.4010

Hong Kong: 3909.4000

USA: 3909.4000
PBT Molding Compound

HS Number: 3907.9900.

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