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PBT - Polybutylene Terephthalate is the synthetic thermosplastic compound of 1-4-Butylene glycol with DMT or PTA. It was widely used in electronic, electrical, communications, fiber optics and automotive industires.

There are two kind of PBT product - PBT Resin and PBT compound.

PBT Resin is the base resin while PBT compound are combination of PBT resin, fiber glass filling and other additives such as UV protection agent, and flame retardant. 



  • fast crystallization, easy to mold.

  • melting temperature reaches to 225oC, high deflection temperation.

  • fiber glass re-enforced, good mechanical strength

  • low water absorption rate, low shrinkage rate

  • resistant to chemical, solvent and natural weather

  • low warpage 

  • can reach UL94V-0 flammability

  • ultrasound welding capability

  • Good electrical resistance

  • Fire retardant being used in CCP PBT does not contain PBDE & PBB Brominated ingredient.

Example: Chang Chun PBT molding compound.

General Specifications of PBT molding compound
Properties Unit  
Flexural strength MPa 74.1 ~ 227.24
Tensile Elongation % 4 ~ 9
Tensile Strength MPa 49.4 ~ 138.3
Impact, Izod kg-cm/cm 2.5 ~ 13
Deflection Temp. oC 165 ~ 220
UL Flammability mm UL94V-0
Water absorption % 0.03 ~ 0.05
Molded Shrinkage % 0.2 ~ 2.0
Specific Gravity   1.32 ~1.66
Glass Fiber Content


0 ~ 40
For reference only   

PBT reference chart


Purpose of PBT Resin
  • PBT Fiber
  • Optical Cable Coatings
  • PBT film
  • PBT Master Batch
  • Glass-Fiber Reinforced & Flame Retardant Grade PBT Compound
  • Electronic Parts, Electrical Parts, and Auto Parts

Purpose of PBT Molding Compound

  • Automotive accessories, motor cover, motor brush
  • Connectors, cooler fan, plugs, bobbins, switches
  • TV set accessories, commutators


Helpful Links

In order to let you have clear picture of CCP's PBT capability, you can go to the PBT Reference Chart with other manufacturers in the world for reference.

Molding Conditions for PBT provides you and your engineers the starting point for machine adjustment.

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