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The knobs are made by general purpose or heat resistant grade of phenolic molding compound. It can withstand up to 190 degree C of temperature and the fire retardant capability reaches V-0 standard. These knobs are combining by two to several pieces. It has to be strict in the factors such as the precision design and the critical specification on the shrinkage of the phenolic material during molding. Otherwise, the pieces will not be fitted into a single knob complex. 





The glossy and mat nature of the products are depending on the design of the mold making. As you can see different type of handles are possible. With metal skeleton, or just plain phenolic. 

The most important of the handle making are the molding time, back pressure and temperature control at the molding machine. Improper control on either one of the factors may affect the durability of the handle which may cause the brittleness. 



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