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SUMIDUREZ and SUMIKON Phenolic Molding Compound


Sumikon PM Phenolic Molding Compound

  • Grade: PM8270

  • General Purpose / Electrical Grade

  • Low costing

  • Good flow rate

  • Fast cure time, time efficiency

  • Created targeting for injection molding application only

  • excellent dimensional stability

  • used for High-end Kitchenwares

  • Large size phenolic parts

  • Color: Black



  • Grade: PM8375

  • Heat Resistance / Electrical Grade

  • Created targeting for injection moulding application only

  • Superior soldering & heat resistance, excellent dimensional stability

  • Uses special organic & in-organic fillers for good overall properties

  • used for transformer bobbins (soldered @ temperature of ~500oC)

  • Good for small bobbins with thin wall

  • Color: Black

Special PM Material

  • Grade: PM9820 (Ammonia-free)

  • Grade: PM9630(Glass Fiber Filled)

  • Good for small size bobbins and SMT bobbins which require ammonia-free condition to prevent copper corrosion.

  • Color: Black

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